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Harness the power of bioresonance technology for comprehensive wellness assessments.

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Member Reviews

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I gained an amazing amount of insight into my hormones, foods, and emotions through this test. The findings have given me a better understanding of the emotions and stressors that require my attention, and the self-care that I need to provide to nourish my mind, body, and soul. I had a great experience working with the Remedy Testing team and I look forward to continuing my care with them. Thank you!

Amy B.

I'm fairly new to Remedy Testing. The results me and my patients have experienced so far have been eye-opening and exciting. This tool has the ability to "peel back the layers of the onion" of healing like nothing else I've used. It allows the body to tell us what it needs. I'm looking forward to continued excellent outcomes for me and my patients!

Jeanne M.

Remedy testing has been an amazing experience. It addresses, answers and guides you to a much better understanding of your overall health in all aspects. It explains the mind body connection and how your emotions control everything in your life. I couldn’t ask for a better overall test to enlighten me on my journey to better health.

Kristina B.

An amazing experience empowering me with information and awakening my awareness at both subconscious and conscious levels. I am healing and growing as a result of my learnings from this test. Dr. Angie pours her heart, mind and soul into her work providing tools to heal and grow. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Angie for Remedy Testing.

Debbie R.

Great clarity on root causes and solutions to restore our damaged cells. Energetic blockages were explained and cleared. Great experience! I am looking forward to learning how to bring greatest health attainable now to our civilization as a whole!!! Yay Humanity!

Michelle Wood

I recently dealt with Remedy Testing and had an alomst good experience. The ordering process was straightforward nad easy to enangage with. It was nice to have the abilty to use one of thier online suggestions if I needed help with anything. Receiving the product in a timely manner was great. Overall, I'd say my experience with Remedy Testing was satisfactory.

Lewis M.