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This website will power the diverse needs of all of our members and practitioners in North America. Welcome to the Remedy Testing virtual office where everyone starts. Your customized dashboard experience is being finalized through March.

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Harness the power of bioresonance technology for comprehensive wellness assessments.

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Our principles

We are inspired by the great pioneers of quantum healing and bioenergetics, who have shown us that the body's ability to heal is far more profound than previously imagined. These visionaries have laid the groundwork for our core principles, where healing and well-being is deeply interconnected with the fabric of the universe.


Integrative Care

Remedy Testing values all forms of healthcare, advocating for a balanced approach that considers both natural healing methods and conventional medical treatments as essential. Our integrated health care model promotes whole-body wellness, ensuring personalized and effective care for each individual.


Universal Laws

Remedy Testing values Universal Laws that hightlight the interconnectedness of all things and the belief that life operates according to certain universal principles. By aligning with these laws, we can better navigate our lives and health choices, fostering a holistic harmony between our internal states and the external world.


Power of the Mind

Remedy Testing values the Power of the Mind embraced by the belief in the profound impact of mental states on physical health. It underscores the importance of gratitude, authenticity and mindfulness in promoting healing and well-being.

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