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Welcome to the privacy policy

Welcome to Remedy Testing. Our commitment to your privacy and the protection of your personal and health-related information is paramount. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, and safeguarding of your information to help you make informed decisions when using our services.

We encourage you to reach out to our team at if you have any questions, comments or concerns. It is important that you understand these terms, by using logging in, signing up, or using our services, you're agreeing to these terms.

Technical data

How is technical data used

We prioritize creating a secure, personalized, and efficient experience for all our members. To achieve this, we collect and utilize technical data across various interactions within our platform. This encompasses a wide range of actions and services, from initial sign-up and profile management to the detailed handling of health kits and plan subscriptions.Technical data is integral to the seamless operation and continuous improvement of our services. It helps us ensure that user interactions, such as login attempts, profile updates, kit orders, plan management, and support requests, are processed smoothly and securely. Moreover, this data allows us to personalize and enhance the user experience, tailor our communications, and connect you more effectively with the health services and information that best match your needs.

  • By analyzing your usage patterns and preferences, we can tailor your Remedy Testing experience. This includes personalizing content, remembering your settings, and providing features that match your needs and interests.

  • Technical data is crucial for maintaining the security of our services. We use this information to identify and prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. This ensures that your personal and health information remains secure and protected at all times.

  • Aggregated technical data enables us to perform analytics that help in understanding trends, user behavior, and system performance. These insights guide our decision-making processes and strategic planning, leading to better service offerings and enhanced member satisfaction.

  • When you encounter issues or need support, the technical data collected can help our support team diagnose and resolve problems more efficiently. This ensures a smoother, more reliable experience for you as a user.

Technical data collected

In our commitment to enhancing user experience and ensuring the efficient operation of our services, Remedy Testing collects various types of technical data. This encompasses information that is automatically acquired from your device and usage patterns when you interact with our services. The technical data we collect includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, browser types, and versions, operating system details, device types, unique device identifiers, clickstream data, and information regarding your interaction with our website and services, such as time spent on pages and links clicked.

This data aids us in understanding how our services are being used, improving site functionality, maintaining the security of our systems, and providing content that is most relevant to our users. It also helps in diagnosing technical problems and managing our platform to tailor and optimize your service experience. Please note, the collection and use of technical data are carried out in compliance with applicable data protection laws and our privacy policy.

  • Browser information

  • Usage data

  • Cookies and Tracking

  • Application Usage

  • In app Purchases and Transactions

  • Crash reports and activity logs

  • Performance data

  • Log files

Data requests processed

At Remedy Testing, we recognize the importance of transparent and efficient data handling practices. Below, we provide an introduction to the various types of data requests we process as part of our commitment to delivering personalized health and wellness services. Our aim is to ensure that your interaction with our platform is seamless, secure, and tailored to your individual needs.

  • Sign up (join, load) When you sign up for our services, we process data requests to create and load your new member account. This includes collecting necessary personal and health information to tailor your Remedy Testing experience right from the start.

  • Login (request, load, edit) Each time you log in, we handle requests to retrieve and load your member profile securely. We also provide options to edit your login details, enhancing your access convenience and security.

  • Profile (get, load, post, edit) We manage requests to access and update your personal profile, including health data and preferences. This ensures that your information remains current and reflective of your health journey.

  • Kits (orders, get, load, post, edit) For those utilizing our bioenergetic testing kits, we process orders and track the status of your kits. We manage data related to order placement, retrieval, and updates, ensuring a smooth transition from ordering to receiving and utilizing your kit.

  • Plans (subscribe, get, load, post, edit) We handle requests related to our various subscription plans. This includes processing new subscriptions, loading plan details, making changes to your current plan, or updating your subscription preferences.

  • Support (request, get, load, post, edit) Our support system is designed to efficiently process your inquiries and feedback. We handle requests for information, support ticket submissions, and updates to existing queries, ensuring you receive the help and guidance you need.

  • Connect (link, get, load, post, edit) We facilitate the ability to connect and interact within the Remedy Testing community. This includes linking with health professionals, joining support groups, or participating in community discussions.

Health information

Health data collected

At Remedy Testing, our comprehensive approach to your holistic health assessment includes collecting health information from two primary sources: the details you voluntarily share with us and the bioenergetic data obtained through the scanning of your hair sample. The personal health information you provide can include your medical history, lifestyle choices, nutritional habits, and any specific health concerns or goals you have. This shared information allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your overall health context and tailor our services to your individual needs.In parallel, our Quantum Response Technology enables us to perform an in-depth bioenergetic assessment by scanning a hair sample you provide. This innovative process captures a wide array of health data, revealing bioenergetic patterns related to nutritional elements, environmental sensitivities, and the energetic status of bodily organs and systems. This dual approach ensures a holistic view of your health, combining self-reported data with bioenergetic insights.

  • Organ performance

  • Food and beverage sensitivites

  • Nutritional imbalances

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Heavy metal indicators

  • Toxin indications

  • Emotional imbalances

  • Energetic stressors

How we use health data collected

The information we collect at Remedy Testing serves multiple purposes: to tailor and enhance the services we provide to you, to improve your overall user experience, and to communicate effectively. We also utilize this data to meet our legal obligations and to further our legitimate interests in maintaining and enhancing our services and offerings. By integrating self-reported health information with advanced bioenergetic data, and in collaboration with our dedicated health professionals, Remedy Testing aims to provide a personalized, effective, and secure pathway to improved well-being for each of our members.

  • Combining your shared health information with the bioenergetic data from your hair sample enables us to create a comprehensive health profile. This holistic view helps in identifying specific needs, imbalances, and areas for improvement.

  • We share your comprehensive health profile with a dedicated health professional within Remedy Testing. This sharing is done with your consent and is intended to facilitate a tailored approach to your wellness. The health professional, bound by strict confidentiality agreements, uses this information to develop a personalized health plan that aligns with your wellness goals and addresses your unique health needs.

  • Throughout your journey with Remedy Testing, your dedicated health professional will use your health information to monitor your progress, make adjustments to your health plan as needed, and provide ongoing support and guidance. This dynamic process ensures that your plan remains aligned with your evolving health status and wellness objectives.

  • Your health data also helps us in understanding the efficacy of our services and in making necessary improvements. By analyzing aggregated data trends (while maintaining individual privacy), we can enhance our Quantum Response Technology, refine our health assessments, and better tailor our services to meet the needs of our members.

Scope of policy


Remedy Testing is dedicated to providing personalized health services tailored to each user's unique needs. The data collected is used specifically for this purpose, ensuring a customized approach to health and wellness. The administrators of serve as the data controllers and can be reached for inquiries and requests at

Using our services on behalf of an organization or business

An individual acting on behalf of a entity commits to ensuring adherence to our guidelines and policies, thereby upholding the standards set forth by Remedy Testing. It may be necessary for the designated representative to engage in direct communication with our team to confirm their eligibility and to conduct periodic reviews. These measures are essential for maintaining the integrity of the service and ensuring continuous alignment with the organizational needs and objectives of both the entity and Remedy Testing.

External hosting

Our services utilize external hosting platforms to manage various aspects of our service efficiently. Xano is employed for database management, ensuring secure and effective data handling. Stripe manages our billing processes, providing a trustworthy and secure payment system. Additionally, IONOS hosts our web services, contributing to the overall reliability and security of our platform.

Data protection

At Remedy Testing, we implement standard technical measures to protect your data. While specifics can vary, these measures are designed to safeguard your personal and health-related information against unauthorized access, alteration, and misuse, in line with industry standards and best practices.

Data retention

The retention period for user data at Remedy Testing varies based on the type of data and its use within our services.

Revoke consent

Members have the right to revoke their consent to data processing at any time. By revoking consent, members acknowledge that they will lose access to the personalized services provided by Remedy Testing. Requests for revocation can be made by contacting

SSL encryption

To protect the privacy and integrity of data transmitted between our users and our services, Remedy Testing employs SSL encryption provided by IONOS. This encryption ensures that all data, including personal and health information, is securely transmitted over the internet.

Secure payments

All payment transactions processed throuAll payment transactions processed through Remedy Testing are securely encrypted using Stripe for digital billing and Shopify for the management of physical products and shipping. These trusted platforms ensure that all your financial transactions, whether for services or physical health-related products, are protected with robust security measures.

Delete or correct

Users can request the deletion or correction of their personal information at any time. Such requests should be sent to Our team is committed to processing these requests within seven days, ensuring your right to control your data is respected and upheld.